Monday, August 20, 2007

Pampered Chef Fundraiser...

Our friend, Kati, has generously offered to hold a fundraiser for Brooke, to help provide for her medical treatment now and in the future. We are blessed that our military insurance, Tricare, will probably cover the surgery with only a small co-pay for the hospital stay, but we don't meet the distance requirements for them to help with the traveling expenses or accommodations.

Kati wanted to hold this fundraiser to help us in several ways.
It will:
-Pay the expenses of traveling back and forth to Seattle (gas, ferry, public transportation, etc)
-Pay for the accommodations for our family during the surgery, pay for food, etc.
-Provide Brooke with a wig, scarf, hat, depending on the incision size whatever she needs to cover the incisions. What teenager wants to walk around with bald spots on her head?
-Help provide for these things in the future as well

This is a condition that will not be cured with this one surgery. Brooke will need on-going care. She may never need another surgery, or she may need numerous more; there is no way to predict that. Any money raised that is not utilized at this time will be used to provide for her continued medical care.

Thus was born the first fundraiser for Brooke's fund:

Brooke Maxey Fundraiser August 15-31, 2007

There are 4 ways to earn cash for Brooke:-

■ Sell products and earn 25% from all sales. (15% from PC and 10% from me).Show the catalog to everyone; family, neighbors, parents’ co-workers; or direct them to my director's website at (ordering under the host name Melissa Maxey) also mention the guest special – Hand Forged Cutlery at 20% off. We sell gift certificates starting at $20, and we can direct ship to anywhere in the Continental United States.

■ Book shows and earn $3 for every show scheduledTell everyone that they can earn free and discounted products by hosting their own show.We also offer bridal registrys and showers.

■ Earn 5% of all sales from those bookingsI will pay an additional 5% of all sales from each booking.

■ Recruit Leads $10 will be paid for every recruit lead after they sign and qualify as a consultant so also tell everyone about the business opportunity.

Payments – PC accepts credit or debit cards, cash, or checks payable to the consultant, Kati Seiber. She also takes paypal.

Why Pampered Chef – Products are not consumable, long term usefulness to customer; Dollar for dollar value, prices are not ‘marked-up’ for the fund-raiser; Desirable products.

For you – Collect $500 in product orders and receive a $10 gift card for Starbucks or spa products; THE OVERALL TOP SELLER WILL RECEIVE $50 OF PAMPERED CHEF PRODUCTS FOR FREE.If you have any questions feel free to contact the consultant directly:
Kati Seiber
Independent Consultant and Fundraiser Coordinator
For the Pampered Chef
(253) 279-5528

About Brooke...

Brooke is a sweet, beautiful, kind-hearted 13 year old girl with a serious neurological condition called Chiari Malformation. This is a rare condition of the brain that often causes its patients no problems at all. However, when it does cause problems, those problems can be very serious.

With Chiari Malformation, the Cerebellum protrudes into the space that the Brain Stem normally occupies by itself. This puts pressure on the Brain Stem and restricts the flow of the Cerebrospinal Fluid. This can cause a domino effect of problems. The patient can then develop cysts in the spine, neurological symptoms, even paralysis.

We have caught this early with Brooke and although she has a fairly severe case, the neurosurgeon is hopeful that her symptoms are not permanent and we pray they will be relieved with the surgery. Right now she is suffering from daily severe headaches and often migraines with stroke-like symptoms, neck pain, pain and numbness when she uses her hands, and generalized body pains.

To relieve these symptoms, they must make more room for the Cerebellum and relocate it completely in the skull, where it belongs, returning the flow of the Cerebrospinal Fluid back to normal. I want you to understand without being too graphic, so please forgive me if I give you too much or too little information in this paragraph. The neurosurgeon will remove part of Brooke's skull, cut the dura covering the brain, relocate/reshape the cerebellum, close the dura with a "patch" made using tissue removed from another site, under her scalp, then close the incision. It's much more involved than that, of course, but that's the surgery in very basic terms, as the neurosurgeon explained it to me.

Brooke is still undergoing testing to determine the extent of her condition. It is not known at this time if she already has developed cysts in her spine or if she has Tethered Cord Syndrome, which is also common in Chiari patients. If she has these conditions, they will either operate on those conditions at the same time as her Chiari decompression, or they will schedule another surgery.

Just starting...

Several friends have offered to head up fundraisers to help raise money for the treatment Brooke will need for her Chiari Malformation both immediately and in the future. I thought it would make it easier to spread the word about what is currently being done to help her if I started this site.

I've opened up a fund account for her, so all the money donated and raised can be deposited and maintained there. This way, any money not needed immediately will earn interest until she needs it for future treatments, testing, etc.

We appreciate all the help, and appreciate the prayers even more. Please continue to remember Brooke in your prayers!